Beets! And a Busy Day for Vegetable Husband

veghub beets

Wowie, was it a busy day at VegHub HQ today! I got to relive my veggie sorting days and help Brian and Tracy load up the baskets, and at 2:30, Steve Miller rolled in with sweet potatoes and spinach just as the first drivers arrived. Everyone pitched in, and those spring baskets busting with green are on their way to you.

What a day! You guys are going to love your baskets this week. They just scream SPRING! I’m planning some big salads and lots of green smoothies with these veggies. What’s cooking where you are?

vegetable basket

The thing I am most excited about in this week’s basket: LEEKS! We’ve also got more of those delicious microgreens. It’s going to be a good week.

Packing up baskets is always a lot of fun, and we finished up with everything just in time to add the sweet potatoes and spinach from Steve Miller’s farm. Here’s Steve toting a flat of sweet potatoes up the drive:

veghub steve miller ned

You can also see our driver, Ned, coming in to grab his baskets and head out on the first route of the day. David, another driver, arrived right at the same time. Since things were a little hectic, he and Laura Louise took some time to catch up. David spent last week in Austin at SXSW, and it sounds like he had a magical time!

veghub david laura louise

Happy cooking, guys!

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