Happy Drivers Today at Vegetable Husband!

yum carrots

One of the awesome things about Vegetable Husband is that Margie’s philosophy is all about getting good, healthy food to the people. Many of the volunteers work in trade for a basket of their own, and many of us couldn’t otherwise afford such fresh, local, organic food. That’s why I was super excited to hear this week that three of our drivers have brand new jobs! Yay! Read on to find out who!Brian

First up is Brian, who covered for Margie when she was in training in February. I’m not allowed to talk about his new gig yet, but we’re super excited about it!


Erik has been driving for us for over two years now, and he is starting full time on Monday working at Intercontinental Hotels Group.


Mary just got a new gig managing the bar at Stats downtown.

Don’t you just love good news about the VegHub community?

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