Letter #189

April 25, 2012
Dear Vegetable Husband Customer,

As we move from April into May we see the farmers already planting for the summer and tending the early hot weather crops such as early peppers.  For now, the salad and cooking greens continue to grow in mass quantities.  I find the biggest challenge is finding us something to add to our diet that is not green and leafy.  This week that “something” is snap beans.  We also have green onions and the local strawberries again.  These will be gone soon and making way for blueberries.  This week I am adding a recipe for strawberry cupcakes to the website.  Yes, cake!  My girlfriend (who is a baker) was nice enough to recommend her fave for fresh berries so let me know if you use it.  My berries still disappear too quickly to go in cake.

In our basket of greens we have a lovely head of bok choi this week from Jackson Lowe, which is the new name for our friends that were formally known as Turtle Bend Farm.  The farm is still in the same place and the food is still the same, grown by Mecca and Adam.  They just changed their business name.  Their farm (whatever the name) harvested half of our beautiful basket this week, and I have been promised strawberries again next week, jus so ya know! We also have a wonderful opportunity to see the local film, GROW, in town this week.   For details check out vegetablehusband.com and I will tell you that the film features some of your food growers from recent weeks.

Below is your list of goodies:

Arugula – Jackson Lowe Farm
Bok choi – Jackson Lowe Farm
Spinach – Steve Miller Farm
Snap Beans – Bryson Farm
Green Onions – Steve Miller Farm
French Breakfast Radishes – Jackson Lowe Farm
Lettuce – Steve Miller Farm
Strawberries – Jackson Lowe Farm

I am writing this letter as the last work I do before leaving for a vacation in Spain.   As some of you know, I lost my sweet dog Maya last week to complications and many of you have been instrumental in helping me thru the week, and for that, I thank you.  Now I will find my balance thru taking some wonderful time for me, wandering the lovely food of Barcelona.  I leave VH in Laura’s hands so feel free to email us but calls will not be answered until after my return May 7th, at which time once again I will be thrilled to TALK FOOD!

Margie Thorpe

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