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Letter #239

May 1, 2013
Dear Vegetable Husband Customer,

MAY DAY! MAY DAY! I just had to start with that, but it is May Day today, the day of Spring Fertility. We are so thrilled to see the farms this morning and all the bounty that was gently kissed by the rains of this last week. The fields look like images of Ireland with so many shades of rich green. I got out and picked flowers off the tops of the brussel sprout greens at Steve Miller’s farm. It is the little blossom scattered in the top of your basket. Add it to a salad, or a sauté or just enjoy it as holiday confetti in the basket. I was so thrilled to see Continue reading

Letter #237

April 17, 2013
Dear Vegetable Husband Customer,

Hello Spring – we are finally there! The weather is beautiful today as I pick up all of our lovely food. The layer of light green pollen is thick on everything along the way, though. For those of you that have been eating from our local harvest for a while now, you might find yourself suffering much less from the allergies than in the past. I know that for me, the last several years of eating all local veggies has changed the way I experience the seasons and allergies. Think about it – the rise in extreme allergies is parallel to the Continue reading

Letter #236

April 10, 2013
Dear Vegetable Husband Customer,

Did you miss us? We missed you and all the food! This week we have a great spring basket, mostly harvested by Woodland Gardens in Athens. Carrots are big excitement for me. I love a bit of carrots with a simple veggie stir-fry for a quick weeknight meal. We also have arugula for the first time in a while. Since we have a full pound of strawberries this week, I would use some Continue reading

Letter #230

February 13, 2013
Dear Vegetable Husband Customer,

We are getting through the winter regardless of rain and the crazy up and down of temperatures. This week every item is from our local farmers except one item from Florida, the grape tomatoes. I could not resist when Alderman Organic offered us grape tomatoes for Valentine’s Day week. Then we managed to add fresh Georgia Continue reading

Letter #229

February 6, 2013
Dear Vegetable Husband Customer,

This week we have been hard at work getting information, pictures and website addresses for all of our current farms. Yes, we are finally updating the website again. Now we will be compatible for mobile devices, which is just about mandatory these days. Becky will be uploading a blog to introduce you to some of the new pages and help you find your old familiar pages, such as the recipes. I am even hoping to add Continue reading