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A Trip to the Farm and Taco Night!

onions and lettuce

Pick up an avocado, a can of beans beans, and some corn tortillas on the way home, you guys. Margie has put together a basket that’s perfect for taco night!

Today I was lucky enough to head out to a few farms with Margie while she gathered our veggies for the week, and we chatted for a bit on the way about how perfect this basket is for making tacos. I mean, really. Check out some pictures from our visit to the farm and a taco recipe straight out of your baskets below! Continue reading

Farm Manager and Found Objects

Meet Brian, who’s going to be helping out as our farm manager this month!


Margie is taking evening classes this month, as she gets her home ready for a foster child who’s coming to live with her! The fabulous Brian is stepping in to help make sure we still get our lovely baskets of fresh veggies. He rode out to Serenbe and to Steve Miller’s farm today, and starting next week he’ll be picking up our veggies for us while Margie’s in class. As you can see in the photo above, Brian loves those veggies!

Margie often finds little leftovers in the empty baskets she brings us. Sometimes, it’s a stray turnip or maybe some leaves that escaped a bundle of greens. Other times, there are more interesting leftovers in the baskets…. Continue reading